About Beep Call

About Beep Call

Beep call is a proven revenue generating call completion solution which generates revenue when Calling party is out of balance. Beep Call generates revenue via call backs.

ThinkStraight Beep call solution generate revenue from on-net calls, off-net calls and international calls.

Beep Call is an innovative call completion solution which monetizes failed calls of MNO subscribers due to no balance on their account.

No Balance, No Problem​

Key Benefits of Beep Call

Reduce Call Abandon Rate

Think Straight Beep Call helps operator to reduce the quantity of abandoned calls by a significant amount.

Increase Operator Revenue

Think Straight Beep Call generates revenue which is normally untapped in operators.

Increase Customers Satisfaction

Improved user satisfaction through an enhanced functionality where user can talk to other person even they do not have balance.

Works For All Mobile Subscribers

Think Straight Beep Call works for all mobile subscribers like On-Net, Off-Net and even International networks

Key Features


B-Party Notifications

Network-initiated Miss call to B-party from Aparty number.


For Prepaid Subscribers

The Beep Call solution is only available to prepaid subscribers.


Protection Against Abuse

Capping control to avoid abusive of hourly and daily usage (A-party, B-party, both parties).



The Beep Call Solution can be used to cross sell other services to subscribers.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for SMS Gateway

Q. What is Beep Call?

Ans. Beep Call is a most popular call completion solution, which helps telco to monetizes failed calls that are happening due to no balance on Part A account. Beep Call is the only call completion solution which comes with no cost to A Party and works for On-Net, Off-Net and even International Calls.

Q. How does Beep Call work?

Ans. Beep Call is a solution which is used to notify B Party about the A Parties who tried to call B Party but call is rejected due to insufficient balance of A Party. Beep Call platform capture such failed calls and initiate call to B Party on behalf of A Party. In that Beep or Poke call, B Party receive A Party as caller ID and call hangs before B Party picks which make it look like that actual A Party tried to Call B Party.

Q. What are the benefits of using Beep Call?

Ans. ThinkStraight Beep Call solution not only benefits the callers by providing them with a way to reach out even when they have no balance, but it also presents an opportunity for operators to increase their revenue. By encouraging the B-party to call back, Beep Call creates a win-win situation for both callers and operators.

Q. What is Beep Call used for?

Ans. Beep Call is a software platform which is used to notify B Party about the A party calls whose calls are rejected due to insufficient balance of A party. With Beep Call solution operator can notify B Parties on any network like On-Net (same network) and Off-net (local as well as international). In some cases, Beep Call solution is used as Buy & Try type of Telco product promotion as well as standard marketing campaigns.

Q. What is beep call service charges?

Ans. BeepCall service is free for all MNO subscribers and will be activated by default.

Q. What are the benefits of using a Beep Call Solution?

Ans. Beep Call solution have many benefits over other value-added solutions or VAS Solutions in the mobile network as well as over similar category (Call completion suite) solutions. Beep Call solution is the one of solutions which has not cost to A Party. All VAS (value-added solutions) cost premium rates to the mobile subscribers with a validity and method to avail the service benefits, but Beep call has no expiry and no need to follow any steps to avail this service. Using Beep Call Solution B Party is notified about A Party calls and mobile operator generates huge revenue from call backs when B Party calls back to A Party after getting Beep or Poke call.

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