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Data Rewards

Most mobile network operators generate revenues by directly charging users for data plan subscriptions. Some operators now also offer users data rewards to incentivize them to watch mobile ads, which enables the operators to collect payments from advertisers and create new revenue streams.

With Data Rewards cutting-edge technology, you set the floor price and advertisers bid on your inventory. Turn your Mobile Data in a virtual ATM.

How does it works?
Data Rewards offers users the ability to surf the Internet for free through advertiser-sponsored data.

Supported Ad Formats

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Survey & Feedback
Survey & Feedback
Sponsored Mobile Data is Win-Win-Win

Sponsored data connectivity is an opportunity to create a win-win-win scenario for carriers, subscribers and brands.

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    3G/4G Carrier

    Unlock new mobile data monetization opportunities by offering Mobile Data Plan Sponsorships.

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    Engagement with favorite brands is an amazing option for saving on subscribers monthly bills.

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    Brands & Sponsors

    Sponsors get new followers, fans and engade with a new target audience. At the right time, at the right place.

Beep Call

In telecoms, more than 40% of calls are dropped, because the low balance of caller, subscriber is unavailable, unreachable, busy or the phone is switched off. This leads to huge revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction for the network.

Beep Call is a powerful Call Completion Solution, which allows subscribers with zero balance to notify called subscribers about their call attempts. As a result, Called Party (Subscriber B) will see a missed call from the Calling Party (Subscriber A) on his phone.


Our Beep Call solution offers a comprehensive set of features, such as:

● Beep call is a short call with 0.3 - 0.5 seconds duration from MSISDN A to Subscriber B.
● It looks like a standard missed call on Subscriber B mobile phone.
● Once received a beep call, Subscriber B thinks he has missed a call from Subscriber A.
● Around 25% of Subscribers B make a callback to Subscriber A during 30minutes after receiving a beep call.

In other words, It is an alternative way of informing subscribers about call attempts of out of balance subscribers by sending real missed calls to the called party. Revenue is generated by callbacks.
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