About Mobile Financial Services platform

About Mobile Financial Services

Mobile Financial Services platform is a software platform that enables financial or banking services via mobile phones, devices ( POS Machines ), and QR Codes beyond bank premises or branches. TS Mobile Financial Services platform is state of the art technology in line with banking, information security and GSMA/ITU guidelines. TS platform enables the customers to launch various financial services Mobile Money, Mobile Banking, Merchant Scan Code, Payment Gateway, Customer Unique ID for payments, Virtual & Physical card management, Linking of various cards as well as wallets, Mobile Payment, Utility services payments, sandbox and Https/Rest API’s. TS platform offers omnichannel access to mobile financial services via USSD, SMS, Mobile/Web App. TS platform also provides a unique payment link for customers which can be used to receive payment from others. TS platform is fully compliant with ISO 27001, ISO 9001, PCI, DSS, and ITSM standards.

Key Features


Highly modular and scalable architecture ensures that customers can launch specific features to hit the market or only select channels and later on can expand to full fledged omnichannel financial services.

Compliance and Security

TS Mobile Financial platform is designed with robust security measures and industry guidelines like ISO standards, PCI/DSS and ITSM policies.


TS solution is fully customized and can be adjusted as per local market , government guidelines as well as partner go to market plan. Apart from features reporting, the analytics part is also fully customizable. TS uses a grafana system to prepare reports and analytics.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Mobile Financial Services

Q. What is a Mobile Financial Services system?

Ans. Mobile Financial services system is a software which enables the smooth & secure transfer of payments for various services, send/receive money from mobiles. MFS system become very popular with the rise of Mobile/Smartphones in the last decade and still growing.

Q. What is the Mobile Financial Services system used for?

Ans. Mobile Financial Services system is used to send/receive payment on mobile or smartphone. Mobile financial systems process payments into mobile wallets, bank accounts, and payments for utility services. MFS systems are one of the revolutionary systems, especially for developing countries where mobile becomes a unique id to quickly send/receive money instead of the traditional approach of sharing complete banking details like bank account no, bank name, branch name, branch code, address etc.

Q. How does the Mobile Financial Services System work?

Ans. Mobile Financial Services system integrates with banking & financial systems via secure APIs in a secure environment as per banking guidelines. GSMA, ITU ( two leading governing bodies which define rules, guidelines for mobile communication ), and country-level governments have defined policies for Mobile Financial Services that need to be followed by platform providers. Apart from these guidelines other information security guidelines and compliances must be followed by mobile financial services. A few of these are ISO 27001, ISO 9001, PCI/DSS compliances, IT & Security policy implementation, and IT & Security Audit of the system.

Q. What are the benefits of using a Mobile Financial Services platform or Mobile Banking platform?

Ans. Mobile financial services or mobile banking platforms enabled users to access financial services from mobile only without visiting the banks or financial institutions. Since mobile financial or banking platforms are launched there is less footfall or queries to the banks which helped the banks to further simplify the banking/financial products process as well as reduced cost. On the other side, customers are now able to get everything at their fingertips and users can make certain financial decisions by sitting at home only, like checking balances, banking services, loan/mortgage services eligibility, online disbursement, online disputes/complaints, etc. Apart from banking services, customers can also use non-banking services or offers on the same platforms like ECommerce offers and many more.

Q. What are the features of Mobile Financial Services System or Mobile Banking System?

Ans. Mobile Financial Services systems offer access to the standard banking services like balance inquiry, alerts, send/receive money, checking eligibility, credit score check, supplementary services as well as 3rd party offers. After the introduction of Mobile Financial Services platform, many new startups or digital banks started which are offering additional services on top of above services like loyalty points, cashbacks etc.

Q. How much is the cost of a Mobile Financial Services System?

Ans. The cost of a Mobile Financial Services platform depends upon the customer requirements as well as features required in the system like Mobile Wallet, Mobile Banking, Insurance, Mortgage, Credit System, Loyalty platform, 3rd party integrations, and so on. The cost of the Mobile Financial Services system also depends if the requirement is from an existing traditional bank to offer the digital experience to customers or a new startup into financial segments. So, it is totally up to the customer what his vision or scope of work for the Mobile Financial Services system is. For more information or the exact cost of SMS Gateway, you can write to info@think-straight.com and our team will revert asap with the answer.

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