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Unified Messaging (UM) platform is the integration of different interfaces of communication (SMS, USSD and Data) into a single in-box that helps users to communicate with their friends through a SMS, USSD or Mobile APP whichever happens to be available.

The chat service is completely anonymous, your chat partner cannot see who you are.

Exciting service to repel boredom, loneliness, shyness and keep real name and phone in secrecy
Sample, easy to use, subscription based service without worrying about browsing or other hidden charges.
How we develop

BalanceCheck+ service allows inserting, targeted and interactive USSD advertising message in response to USSD balance check service.

As a powerful marketing channel BalanceCheck+ brings to the operator an extra assurance that all subscribes are informed about new and existing products by adding advertising or informative text to the USSD balance check response message!

Apart from getting to know about new services, Subscribers can also subscribe to the service or get to know more information about service in same USSD session.
IVR Services

IVR Chat is easy, safe and fun way to meet new friends, chat and connect with thousands of people looking for their special someone. IVR Chat comes with a unique feature where your mobile number is never disclosed to others.

WAP Services

WAP Platform is the one stop shop for all content requirements where customers will be able to download all type of content on a click be it wallpapers, ringtones, audio, games and videos.

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